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NewOpera Origin

NEWOPERA stands for New European Wish: Operating Project for a European RAil Network and was a Coordinated Action in the area of joint European Railway Research. The project officially started on 1 January 2005 with a total project duration of 3.5 years. NEWOPERA studied the necessary step changes for achieving a long-term scenario 2020 of a core Rail network predominantly dedicated to freight. After the Newopera project completion, an International Non profit Association was formed named NEWOPERA Aisbl registered in Belgium, having the main objective of continuing the Newopera project work striving for its full market implementation. The activities focused on rail freight/Intermodality' innovations and technology evolution. Analyzing the weakeness of the European rail freight system the NewOpera founders, composed of former executives of two leading shippers, plus two major road and combined transport operators and the second largest railway undertaking, suggested the idea of a dedicated rail freight network. However, the rail freight dedicated network on its own is not sufficient for achieving sustainable mobility, but is the first indispensable stone of a long term strategy to be implemented on a progressive basis. For this reason, successive projects such as TIGER, TIGER DEMO, MARATHON, VIWAS, SPIDER PLUS and CAPACITY4RAIL dealt with a number of other transport and logistic aspects in order to make the European mobility system more efficient, competitive and sustainable. 

NewOpera Vision

Our Vision  is a greater use of the rail system bringing together Europe’s Rail industrial experiences for  developing sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions  comparable and competitive with alternative modalities.”